Dr.Abhishek Mahale


Dr.Abhishek Mahale

Dr. Abhishek Mahale is a reputed Homoeopathic Doctor in Maharashtra. He has completed his training from Mumbai and has worked at Nashik for the past several years. During his long homoeopathic practice, Dr. Abhishek Mahale has treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic and inveterate diseases e.g. Men and Women ailments, paralysys, skin eruptions, mental, sexual and physical disorders. His patients are highly satisfied with his sympathetic approach and best quality homoeopathic treatment. 

Dr. Mahale is a reputed speaker. His vast experience across years in the medical field, especially in Homoeopathy, makes him one of the most sought after doctors in Nashik and the state of Maharashtra. He runs the Aastha Homeopathic Centre in Nashik.

Dr Abhishek Mahale is an eminent Homoeopathic Physician from Maharashtra, India. He treats patients from all over India. He has a great interest in Homoeopathy since the last 16 years. He has been practicing and doing research in Homoeopathy. He has also been invited and presented at various national conferences. Dr Abhishek Mahale  is a very well known personality in the area and his name is always first on the lips of the people when they have any Health problem.

About Homeopathy

The word homeopathy is derived from two Greek words, homoios, similar, and pathos, suffering. The system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago, is the only system of medicine which treats the individual as a whole, with a view to his particular susceptibility to disease, to his specific symptoms and his personal mental, moral and physical characteristics.

Homeopathy is a safe, highly scientific, natural, & holistic approach to treatment of diseases. Homeopathy remedies are prepared from the extracts of medicinal plants & herbs, minerals, metals, & animal products. We all know that only the best can bring about positive effects, & the finest ingredients are used in the preparation of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is perfectly suited to our needs, is completely safe & effective in its approach, & is fast-acting & permanent. It restores harmony & balance to the body, mind & soul. It is an excellent tool for a preventive approach to health & well